Share Account Rates

share Account
Effective Date: Monday, July 15th, 2024
NameAPY (Annual Percentage Yield)Dividend Rate
Share Savings 0.01% 0.01%
Term: Open ended. Primary Savings minimum Balance $10. Additional Sub-savings-no minimum balance required. Minimum Balance to earn interest $250. Dividend Calculation: Daily balance. Quarterly dividend payment. Quarterly paper statement cycle or monthly e-statement available. Early close fee $10 before 60 days. Reopen fee $10 before 6 months.
Christmas Club 0.01% 0.01%
Term: October 1 to September 30. Club Accounts may be opened or closed at any time. Automatically renews annually. Automatically disbursement to Primary Share account on October 1. No minimum balance. No minimum deposit. Interest earned on any balance. One (1) withdrawal during term allowed. Additional withdrawals- share must be closed-Christmas club may be reopened October 1. Online deposits allowed. No online withdrawals.
Teachers Club 0.01% 0.01%
Term: Open end- no limits. Club accounts may be opened or closed at any time. Automatically renews annually. No minimum balance. no minimum deposit. Interest earned on any balance. Withdrawals permitted during June, July, and August. one (1) additional withdrawal during school year allowed. Excess withdrawals-share must be closed until next school term. Online deposits allowed. No online withdrawals.
Money Market 0.50% 050%
Money Market 0.60% 0.60%
Money Market 0.95% 0.95%
25,000 and up
Money Market  No checks offered-Not a demand account. Term limitations open-no end date. online transactions are not allowed. $2,000 minimum balance to open and maintain. $100 minimum deposit. $500 minimum withdrawal. Three (3) withdrawals per month at no charge. Additional withdrawals $25 each in excess of three (3) per month. Dividend calculation Daily balance. Dividend payment monthly to account. If the balance falls below the minimum balance, the account is closed.
IRA Share 0.50% 0.50%
IRA Share 0.60% 0.60%
IRA Share 0.95% 0.95%
$25,000 and up
IRA Share is a retirement savings account. Term limitations - open ended. online transactions not allowed.  Minimum Balance $10. Minimum balance to earn interest $250. Maximum Deposit per social security number $6,000 per year combined over age 50 catch up exceed annual earned income for services rendered. Dividend calculation on the daily balance. Dividend paid quarterly. Statement cycle quarterly. IRA transfer out fee $25. Additional investment options IRA CD 3-60 Month at current rates.

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