Direct Deposit

Routing and Transit Number: 272476983

Attention Members: Please call your credit union to receive the correct account numbers for Direct Deposit 800-589-1079

Receiving your money is never a concern with direct deposit. It’s free and fast: No more running around, standing in line or filling out deposit slips. It’s safe and reliable, too. No worries about misplacing your paycheck or forgetting to stop at the credit union. Your social security, payroll, pension or government check is sent electronically and deposited directly into your account.

Please contact the credit union at the numbers below to receive the correct format of your account number prior to contacting your pay provider to initiate direct deposit. Routing and Transit Number 272476983.

  • Bay City - 989.684.1730  or 800-589-1079   Fax -989.686.2552 
  • Essexville - 989.892.1833   Fax-989.892.7638
  • Standish - 989.846.9750  Fax - 989.846.9754  
  • Collections, Plastic Card Services, and Marketing Departments Fax: 989.686-2552

Once your account is receiving your direct deposit, if you would like to set up free transfers to your other share accounts or loans, please contact a credit union representative.

*Please be advised that Treasury and the Social Security Administration (SSA) will be converting ACH benefit payments that routinely pay on the 3rd of each month to a new payment processing system. This change will become effective for SSA benefit payments that will be payable to recipients on January 3, 2013. Please pay special attention to any account transfers that you may have set up on your account as this change may have an effect on them.

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