Remote Deposit Capture Has Arrived!!!

SLFCU Remote Deposit Capture

Now you are able to deposit a check using your smartphone. See the requirements below.

Members must be enrolled in our Mobile App Service - You can enroll by logging into your home banking, service tab and enroll. You may watch video for instructions above. Upon enrolling you will receive text messages to finish your enrollment. This step is for if you are not already enrolled.

When you have completed the first two steps, contact a Member Service Representative at our branches. You will be notified of a change in terms and conditions once you log into our Mobile App.

The following are requirements for each check deposited through Remote Deposit Capture:

  • You must endorse the back of the check with a restrictive signature "FOR RDC ONLY AT SFCU" with your signature and account number.
  • Cannot be a foreign item Example: checks drawn on financial institutions located outside the United States or not payable in US Dollars.
  • Maximum per day $2,500.00
  • Payee of the Check must be on the account. Including joint owners.
  • Cannot be any Checks where the Numerical amount and the written amount don't match.
  • The check has to be written in black or blue ink.
  • Cannot be any Check without a MICR Line on the bottom.
  • Cannot be any Check previously converted to a substitute check.
  • Cannot be any Check that are no-negotiable (example: credit for merchandise).
  • Cannot be any Temporary Checks or Counter Checks.
  • Cannot be previously returned for any reason.                        

For assistance please contact our friendly Member Service Department 800-589-1079.

Thank you for choosing SFCU!

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