Remote Deposit Capture

Now you are able to deposit a check using your smartphone. See the requirements below.

Download our app following instructions here.


The following are requirements for each check deposited through Remote Deposit Capture:

  • You must endorse the back of the check with a restrictive signature "FOR RDC ONLY AT SFCU" with your signature and account number.
  • Cannot be a foreign item Example: checks drawn on financial institutions located outside the United States or not payable in US Dollars.
  • Maximum per day $2,500.00
  • Payee of the Check must be on the account. Including joint owners.
  • Cannot be any Checks where the Numerical amount and the written amount don't match.
  • The check has to be written in black or blue ink.
  • Cannot be any Check without a MICR Line on the bottom.
  • Cannot be any Check previously converted to a substitute check.
  • Cannot be any Check that are no-negotiable (example: credit for merchandise).
  • Cannot be any Temporary Checks or Counter Checks.
  • Cannot be previously returned for any reason.                        

For assistance please contact our friendly Member Service Department 800-589-1079.

Thank you for choosing SFCU!

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