Share Savings Account

Share Accounts (savings accounts) are the key to the credit union’s success. The savings that you and other members maintain on deposit with the credit union represents your “share” of ownership. Open your account by depositing as little as $10.00 to start enjoying the many benefits of membership, including voting privileges at our Annual Meeting.

Deposits can be made in person, by mail, or by direct deposit/ payroll deduction. Your Share account earns quarterly dividends. A minimum of deposit of $250.00 is required to earn dividends unless under 18 years of age. Each member’s deposits are insured to $250,000 by National Credit Union Share Insurance Fund (NCUSIF) which is administered by the National Credit Union Administration (NCUA).

Youth Share Account

SFCU can connect and convey to our youth members the importance of financial education at a young age. it's all about getting children and their parents excited, maybe even a little wild about savings!

By starting youth on the right path towards saving goals and financial education, Special Youth Events helps credit unions build strong, lifelong relationships with their members, while keeping money management fun for kids.

Join the Sunrise Youth Savers! Our accounts are the perfect way to teach kids the value of saving money on a regular basis. By starting the education process early, your children or grandchildren will be better equipped to make financial decisions in the future.

Our accounts offer the following features:

Open with a low deposit of $10

  • Kids receive quarterly dividends on entire account balance
  • No monthly service fee
  • Free gift for joining
  • Certificate of Deposits with opening deposit of $100
  • Special events & celebrations
  • Financial tools for kids

National Credit Union Youth Month

In April, Sunrise Family Credit Union is celebrating Youth Month, which is a celebration that helps teach and encourage kids to develop good financial habits.

To open a savings account at SFCU, You can open an account with as little as $10. Encourage your child to make regular small deposits each week. Tell them their money will earn interest while it’s in their account. If they keep this routine going, they’ll quickly see their savings grows.

We encourage you to bring your children into any of our branches in Bay City, Essexville, and Standish. Each year we will be celebrating our young members with: Special gifts for new youth accounts opened and other prizes for children who deposit into their SFCU existing account. We will have fun ways to learn about savings and special contests too all month!

As part of our financial education and awareness program we offer presentations on a wide variety of topics. Sunrise Family Credit Union's goal is to start our youth on the path to a bright financial future!

If you are interested in having Sunrise Family Credit Union speak to your students on any financial topics please contact:

Debbie Van Idour at 989-684-1730 ext. 6062

Christmas Club Account

Enjoy the holiday season without having to worry about the bills. Save throughout the year with regular deposits and watch your savings grow. There are no fees or minimum balance required. Account balances are paid out the first week of October. Your Christmas Club balance will conveniently automatically be deposited into your savings account.  

***Important Notice: Nonsufficient Fund (NSF), Courtesy Pay, and Overdraft transfer notices will no longer be mailed after June 1, 2015. These items will be available on your monthly statements or you can elect to receive e-notifications through your Home Branch Account.

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