Home Equity Loans

Called "Home Eq," a home equity loan from Sunrise Family Credit Union is one of the few remaining tax deductions for many people. Consult your tax advisor about your eligibility for the tax advantage of a home equity loan.

Home Eq Line of Credit allows you to make periodic draws up to your limit. These draws may be used for major purchases such as appliances, furniture or even an automobile; college education costs; or any good reason.

Home Eq Home Room is a single purpose home equity loan that allows you to borrow at a fixed interest rate for one large purpose like home remodeling.

For Home Equity Loans please apply using our Mortgage Application

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Home equity from Sunrise Family


Consolidate debt, home improvements, vacations, and cash out for any reason! Call or contact our friendly loan department today and find out how easy it can be to save money at your fingertips!

*As low as represents our promotional rate and is subject to credit approval. Not all will qualify for this rate. Appraisal fee may apply. See SFCU for further details. NMLS #46960

 Platinum Line MasterCard

Home Equity (LOC)** 6.00% APR Floor

6.00%** Variable Rate

*Payments based on 1.5% of outstanding balance.

SFCU can show you how to get the maximum benefit from your home.

So Why Wait??? Let your Home Work for you!

*Appraisal fee may apply. See SFCU for further details.

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