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Courtesy Pay

  • Protection from the embarrassment of returned checks
  • Protection from merchant returned check charges
  • Protection from collection agency fees
  • Protects your good credit rating

We understand. It happens to all of us. You make an honest mistake in your checkbook. You're little short of cash 2-3 days before payday. Usual or unforeseen circumstances popped up at just the wrong time.

That's why Sunrise Family Credit union offers Courtesy Pay, an added member service that protects your checking account when an inadvertent overdraft occurs. We require no applications or additional signatures.

Sunrise Family Credit Union has protection for your checking account. Find out about Courtesy Pay Today!

Courtesy Pay is a service that allows us to pay an item presented against our member's checking account even if causes the account to become overdrawn. Courtesy Pay may provide certain account holders in "good standing" with the ability to overdraw their checking account up to $500.

If the account has been open at least 60 days and maintained in good standing, defined as A) Making regular deposits sufficient to cover transactions; B) Bringing the account to a positive balance at least once every thirty days or less, and; C) There are no legal orders outstanding on the account, we may, at our discretion, pay overdrafts up to the limits mentioned above, including our normal Non-Sufficient Funds charge or Courtesy Pay charge(s). Whether we pay or return an item, your account will be assessed a fee, either as a Courtesy Pay charge or a Non-Sufficient Funds charge but you will not be charged both fees.

ICourtesy Pay offers additional flexibility and convenience in managing account holder funds, and provides peace of mind knowing that items may be paid up to the authorized overdraft limit.

If you request us to authorize and pay everyday presentments, you may be authorized positive but settle negative and be charged a fee. For example: Your checking account starts with a $100 balance. you make five $10 preauthorized credit purchases with the debit card. A $120 check is presented for payment on your account, bringing your available balance negative and incurs a $25 overdraft fee. The next day, five $10 debit card purchases finalize presentment, and all five incur overdraft fees for a total of $125 in fees. When the final presentment occurred, the account no longer had sufficient funds. 

This non-contractual courtesy of paying overdrafts requires no account holder action. It is not a loan. no additional agreements need to be signed, and it costs nothing unless the privilege is used-by initiating checks, electronic funds transfers, or other payment or withdrawal requests for more than is on deposit in the account. if you maintain the account in good standing and have need for this "courtesy", we may, at our sole discretion, pay the item(s) up to the authorized limit, and we will charge the account our normal Non-Sufficient Funds or Courtesy Pay charge for each item that overdraws the account. We will not send you a notice each time an overdraft occurs.

Although you are not charged for using Courtesy Pay unless you have an overdraft, you may Opt-out of Courtesy Pay at any time, by signing a form we provide for you. If you receive a direct deposit of your monthly Social Security payment into your checking account or for any other reason do not want Courtesy Pay eligibility, you must advise us to stop us from paying your overdrafts with these funds.

Courtesy Pay allows Sunrise Family Credit Union to provide a higher level of service to our members by helping to protect your account and reputation when an inadvertent overdraft occurs.

If you have any questions, do not hesitate to call us at 989-684-1730 or toll free 800-589-1079.

effective April 24, 2023




Courtesy Pay


Courtesy Pay

CP Fee $25 $0
NSF Fee $0 $25
Merchant Fees $0 up to $55
Total Fees $25 $75
Overdraft Limit $500 $0

Overdraft Protection Loan

Expand your purchasing power and reduce Courtesy Pay fees with overdraft protection. Subject to application and approval, this coverage transfers funds from your Over Protection Loan to your Sunrise Family Credit Union Checking account.  Contact our Loan Department for full details.


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