Message From Your Credit Union:

3/6/2024SFCU Credit Card Holders: Read about our NEW fraud alerts system HERE.

Attention Members: Sunrise Family Credit Union will never call or text you to obtain any sensitive Debit Card, Credit Card or Account information including card number, three digit security code or PIN. UNLESS IT IS A FRAUD ALERT for CREDIT CARD holders ONLY.  If you doubt the validity of any call or text supposedly from Sunrise Family Credit Union,  we ask you to immediately hang up and call the Credit Union to confirm your identiy and report the incidence.


Attention Members:  We have received a high number of Debit Card Fraud from online service Tik Tok.   To help protect the membership and the Credit Union from ongoing Debit Card Fraud,  all transactions for Tik Tok are blocked and will not be authorized.  If you have had any fraud on your Debit Card, please contact the Credit Union at 989-684-1730.  Thank you.

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