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Manage your financial affairs 24/7 over the internet via Home Branch. Home Branch offers convenient online access to your Sunrise Family Credit Union accounts. Make transfers and payments, balance your checkbook, view or print statements, all in a safe and secure environment that is fast and easy to use.

Click Here If you are having trouble with logging into Home Branch

~ E-Statements

It’s never been easier to enjoy the speed and convenience of E-Statements. With E-Statements, you not only have the current statement at fingertips, but also all your statements for the previous 3 months. No more waiting for statements to come in the mail. For longer-term record keeping, save your E-Statement to disk, or you may choose to print them. Sign up for E-Statement through Home Branch and stop the mail madness!

~ Checkfree- online Bill Pay with Popmoney

Checkfree - Bill Pay with Popmoney makes it a breeze to pay the companies that send you bills - or just about anyone else, too. It's simply the best way to manage your payments. Securely pay anyone, anywhere in the US, anytime.

Bill Pay is a free service for all members that allows you to receive, pay, and track all of your bills online- avoiding the need to write checks, mail bills or pay for postage. Simply schedule your payments and the funds are automatically withdrawn from your designated SFCU checking account on the date you have specified the bill be paid. The payments can be made manually as they come due, or automatically on a recurring basis, where the payment amount and due date (such as monthly or quarterly) does not change.

Popmoney -  A Money Transfer is an innovative personal payment service that eliminates the hassles of checks and cash. Now, sending and receiving money is as easy as emailing or texting and you don't need a new account to send or receive money. Just use your current financial institution account.

Not signed up for online banking? Enroll today! You can elect to take advantage of all our E-Services once you sign up for Home Branch online banking service.

Bay City Office - 684-1730

Essexville Branch - 989-892-1833

Standish Branch - 989-846-9750 or 888-529-1160



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