Student Run Branches

What we do for our youth!

SFCU is honored that you have chosen to become a part of our family.

Since 2005, Garber High School has partnered with Sunrise Family Credit Union (SFCU) to have a student-run branch at the school. Our purpose is to provide students a hands on learning experience about the basics of managing their own money. The school branch will be run by selected students in partnership with SFCU's Director of Marketing. Due to the popular demand,  we are currently including Co-op students and Internships for a learning experince at our home offices..

*Only students, faculty and staff that work at the school can conduct business at the school run branch.

Classroom Presentations

Educating our students about money management is a vital part of our job. Our staff is available for classroom presentations to help teachers educate students about financial education. We offer a variety of topics such as: Budgeting, Credit, Loans, managing a checking account, debit and ATM cards plus a whole lot more. We can customize a presentation for your needs. Contact us anytime and see how we can accommodate your needs.

SFCU participates with school mock interviews, school Reality Store, Career Fair, Job Fair, scholarships, sponsorships and much more.  Contact Debbie Van Idour, 989-684-1730 email

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